Nigerian students in the U.K., others risk deportation.

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Nigerians and other immigrant students in the UK are facing a high-risk of deportation after completion of their studies following a new plan by the country’s Home Secretary Suella Braverman.

Currently those travelling to study in Britain can stay on for 2 years after completing their courses but Ms Braverman is moving to cut that to just 6 months after which they have to have a skilled job that makes them eligible for a work visa, or leave the UK.

However, DailyMail reports that the Department for Education is said to be resisting Ms Braverman’s plan.

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According to the report, the development is the latest twist in a long-running row over foreign student numbers. Braverman has committed to cut immigration & ‘substantially reduce’ the number of unskilled foreign workers coming to Britain, from 239,000 to the ‘tens of thousands’.

As part of that she wants to reduce the number of international students who can apply for a graduate post-study work visa.

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