2023 Election: Eze Chika receives LP Gubernatorial Candidate, Gbadebo Chinedu Rhodes-Vivour as he seeks the support of Igbos in Ijegun.

By Onome Naomi

Supporters in multitude gathered at the palace of Eze Chika Nwokedi to welcome and interact with the Lagos Labour Party Gubernatorial Candidate for 2023 Elections, Gbadebo Patrick Chinedu Rhodes-Vivour in Ijegun Ikotun….. 

Dignitaries who also attended the event includes the House of Rep. Candidate for the Ijegun constituency, The Eze of Iba, Executives and members of the Ndigbo Buruotu Association of Nigeria championed by Eze Chika Nwokedi, Ohaneze Ndigbo social cultural organization and Igbo speaking Community in Ijegun Ikotun.

The LP candidate was accompanied by his subordinates which includes : The House Of Rep. candidate for Alimosho constituency Hon. Azubuike Emmanuel , Dr. Benjamin, SAs and spoke persons… As they witness the overwhelming welcome of supporters who trooped in enmass to show solidarity for the incoming governor, Gbadebo Chinedu Rhodes-Vivour.

The visit of the LP candidate was centered around the expectations of the people towards creating a progressive Lagos by voting in a capable leader whose drive and ambition is to move Lagosians from being consumers to becoming producers thereby creating ease, a more enabling solution towards achieving abundance, peace and progress. More importantly to forestall the original cultural practices of Lagosians away from tribalism and nepotism.

Eze Chika Nwokedi, Okpoko 1, the Ezendigbo of Ijegun Ijeododo in his statements officially welcomed Gbadebo Vivour, his entourage and supporters who were all gathered at the palace. He commenced the gathering by observing traditional rights as a king by breaking the kola nuts in prayers to bless the effort and campaign of the LP candidate. He also clearly stated that as a royal father, he has a duty to perform which includes giving his support to whichever party comes to him for acknowledgement and prayers, he is not in favour of any party in particular but is obligated to recognize their visits if need be. He told the audience to search within their conscience to see whom truly deserves to govern Lagos and vote accordingly as that will also serve as a determinant to actualize progression.

Eze Chika also noted that as a former Chairman of Ladipo Market, a traditional ruler who has also headed several organisations, he has the capability to gather mammoth crowd especially the Igbos within his jurisdiction of reign who will vote earnestly but must be sure the candidate is accessible and can deliver too.

The spokesperson of the Labour Party candidate, Dr. Ben also said in his speech that the people should vote for competence and capability, not a money driven politics to buy the people’s conscience from what is truly right. He urges all to support LP in all ramifications and stages of governmental positions to be attained. Promises to fizzle out all incorrigible practices of previous govt to ensure tranquility.

Gbadebo, the 39 year old architect and LP candidate for Lagos Gubernatorial election related with the audience by introducing his root as partly Igbo (maternally), married to an igbo too and should not be viewed as a stranger amongst the Igbos as he is also ready to align with all tribes who is ready to support the LP to see it succeed in the oncoming elections February 25th, 2023. He noted that there is need for the people to know that Labour Party in Lagos is driven towards advancing from consumption to production, thereby creating room for its substitence while disabling the absurdities left by previous government.

Gbadebo also noted that setting the pace right for a better Lagos is paramount and as such supporters of Labour Party should take into cognizance the fact that their votes counts despite the challenges encountered by electorates in the collection of pvc which will soon be resolved. He acknowledged the pains and suffering of the masses in terms of the basic amenities needed to live moderately, accessibility of roads, a more comfortable business plan with lesser tax fees, little or no levies for motorist to mention a few. A reason to vote for the new era of possibilities and actualization as LP government will work for everyone in fairness to create a reform, he noted.

Vivour addresses the concerns of Some attendees at the visit center as regards the promises made during the campaigns and how the elected diversifies unto selfish gains after assuming office, the void and ineptitude created by the present day government in the educational sector that misaligns with a progressive Lagos, security issues as well as the intimidating force melted out on motorist/tricycle riders for unaccountable levies. He assured the anxious supporters that all will be put in place to checkmate the various concerns if elected as the governor of Lagos state. He also addressed the issues faced in the collection of pvc by prospective voters as he proffers solutions to ease the supporters in accordance with INEC reasons for the delay, urges voters to come out enmass with family and friends to vote for Labour Party with a wide margin.

To buttress more on the established plans expressed by Gbadebo Vivour, the House of Rep.Candidate for LP, Alimosho constituency , Hon. Azubuike Emmanuel also noted that women will be empowered for being the main crowd in casting votes and as such, will benefit immensely from LP government. Food stuffs will be stabilized to the benefits of the masses, the foreign exchange rate of naira too will be stabilized to the bearest minimum. He also noted that LP candidates all over are genuine business persons and as such knows how to create wealth by adopting the system of being producers other than being consumers alone. Electricity issues and inassesible road passages will be sorted out, to ensure a stable governance, he quipped.

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Naomisophyblog learnt through the coordinator for LP in Ijegun Hon. Sam, that people could mistake LP for another party with same LP inscription but should be thorough in determining the difference in the logo not to vote for the unintended party as he further urges all to vote Labour Party rightly and enmass for a better Lagos as well as Nigeria.

See more photos from the gathering:

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