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As more joy settles in the heart of the owner of a thing than that of a mere looker, more agony is present in the heart of a victim than that of his or her sympathizers. No one can tell the magnitude of pains gotten from uncomfortable shoe than the one who wears it. Only the fish can tell the true temperature of its residential water.

There have been net breaking level of insecurity, ranging from kidnappings, raping, destruction of properties and monstrous killings in our society, hoisting fears and movement restrictions which are detrimental to our economy, peaceful coexistence and employment opportunities. Many have change their types of business engagements, routes and in some cases, reduce the scope of their business operations to avoid being cornered by the peddlers of insecurity. The prosperity of a nation is rooted in the security of her environs and in the sanity of her leadership settings.

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The present horrific insecurity was politically and externally fueled with the involvement of local top players in the corridors of powers for selfish gains, fraudulently promoted as religious or tribal conflicts. Probably, the whole abysmal scenario was birthed to corner the mineral settlements in Sambisa Forest. It is so unfortunate that Looters never feel the pains of the looted and the uprooted.

The pains of the victims of the ongoing insecurity cannot be over emphasized. Imagine a child who sees every adult as his defender to have his eyes plucked off by adults; a man or woman who sees his/her neighbors as co humans to have his or her body butchered without mercy by a group of people who ought to be nothing less than brothers; a man or woman to have his/her body organs harvested alive by those who he or she would expect undiluted compassion from as co humans, or, a traveler that is kidnapped, tortured, milked of his resources and in some cases killed by those who sit in the same boat of future as co africans.

A community where people labor and sleep in peace will be invaded by marauders with all sorts of terrors and horrors in the name of herders and farmers clashes while the farmers remain at the recieving end. The true agony of the victims of the ongoing insecurity has not be fathomed, or, it is deliberately negglected by the government that be for a reason best known to them. If not, how can our forests be flooded with criminals without the government doing something to make the forests inhabitable for them.

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It has become a culture that jihadist marauders move through Benue State’s forest to Obeagu, Eha_amufu regions and neighboring communities in Ebonyi State and Enugu State, kidnapping, butchering and killing poor villagers at will without the intervention of security forces.

Government will not deem it fit to secure enough helicopters, jets, drones and satellites that are capable of viewing illicit activities in our forests. Rather, huge amount of naira will be spent to redesign naira notes even if a note of naira cannot purchase a loaf of bread. What a misplaced priority! Why spending so much to bleach naira notes when the first responsibility of the government (to save life and property) is defeated?

If only we can feel the pain as one who wears the shoe, we will step up our commitment to push the government to act in the right proportion. Have it engraved in your heart that the strength of the wicked remains the silence of the good.

Amb. Ezewele Cyril Abionanojie is the author of the book ‘The Enemy Called Corruption’, an Award Winning Best Columnist Of The Year 2020/Giant In Security Support among other local and international awards. He is the Founder/President of Peace Ambassadors Global.

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