My husband sexually harasses our daughters, threatens to kill me if I stop him- woman cries out.

….Man Arrested for sexually Harassing daughters, threatens to kill wife.

By Onome Naomi Onojaefe


Mr.Tony Aminu has been arrested on Friday October 7th, 2022 for sexually harassing daughters in the last 5 years, also threatens to kill wife for protecting their daughters from his intentions. While taken into custody, a search was conducted and he was found with charms he supposedly bought from dubai but wears about for yet unknown purposes.

Mrs Blessing Aminu told Naomisophyblog that she is married to a half caste of an igbo decent, had cried out to the public on the incessant sexual harassment her husband perpetrated on their first daughters.

Mr. Aminu showing daughters his nudity

The mother of 5 went on to narrate how on several occasions, her husband Mr. Tony Aminu who happens to be the father of their 5 children had continuously without control forcefully attempted severally to penetrate the girls.

The first incident occurred some 5 yrs back when Mr Tony brought out his p**is to teach the girls that p**is is sweet in the v**ina and will try on them to see how interesting it is, he was cautioned but didnt stop for years to try to penetrate the girls. At a time it was confusing to the mother of the girls on what steps to take as she suspects Mr.Tony Aminu needs to do the act for ritual purposes due to the seemingly abnormalities in his attitude as he wears strange charms about.

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The grave dug by Mr. Aminu who plans on burying his children and wife alive.

She further told the press that on several occasions Tony Aminu had poisoned the food he buys home for them to eat. In suspicion , she will test the food on chickens or rodents before giving the kids so as to ascertain if it’s safe to eat or not and on several occasions this animals ends up dieing or vomiting after eating those foods brought in which amounts to the fact that Mr. Tony indeed brought in poisonous food to wipe out his entire family as he had threatened severally to bury them in a grave he dug in the compound, awaiting the day they will die from his hands.

On another occasion, he hired some local assassins to kill his wife but they didnt succeed at the attempt, the woman told the press that the assassins were rather disappointed to see that the woman described isn’t the same woman they are seeing and instead told her to watch it. Upon enquiry by Mrs Blessing, the killers described to her whom had sent them since they didnt know his name, the description was exactly that of her husband, she also said the two men were with pistols and looked fierce. Mr Tony upon seeing his wife alive appeared shocked and angered due to the failed attempt, he was also heard on phone arguing with the assassins to return his money since they couldn’t get the job done.

Injury inflicted on his wife for stopping him from defining daughters

Investigation shows that the main reason he wants his wife killed is so as to defile the girls like he wanted either for ritual purposes or a display of insanity. Also to take away the little money sold from a portion of the land in his compound which was divided between him and his wife due to the reckless ways he squandered money not caring for the kids, the little his wife got from the sales is still being eyed by Tony Aminu who still intends to rip her off the little she got to take care of the kids.

Child attacked and bruises inflicted

The last attempt he made on the junior daughter occurred recently when he attacked the little girl for a child error she made. After flogging the child, he parted her legs to insert his manhood when the mother of the girl came in to save the situation, some other times he will at midnight point torch light on the senior daughter’s vagina to perpetrate his act but will be caught, according to Mrs Blessing Aminu, she never sleeps with her eyes closed because she doesn’t want her husband to succeed on the girls. This has made her come out to the public in tears for the appropriate authorities to help save the situation before her husband succeeds in his intention.

A petition had been written by her lawyer to this regards and submitted at the State CIID Panti in Lagos to delve into the matter and see that Mr Tony is put to order. Before now, the several cases as regarding Mr. Tony’s attitude and greed had been reported to the ikotun division but Mrs Blessing Aminu was not satisfied with the outcome as the present DPO seems to be on her husband’s side not looking in depth into the matter at hand for a resolve reasonable enough for him to stop.

As at now, the state CIID Panti is attending to the matter and displaying high handedness by deviating from the matter at hand in favour of the perpetrator as against the victim. The victim, Mrs Blessing Aminu still cries out to the public while she expects that justice will be served as she wants the case in court.

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