Igbo Speaking Community Igando/Ikotun LCDA In Conjunction With EDSEA Business School Showcases Entrepreneurship And Honorary Graduants For 2022.

….Inaugurates Igbo Speaking Cooperative Society.

By Onome Naomi

EDSEA Business school had its graduation ceremony as well as the inaugural ceremony of The Igbo speaking Community multipurpose cooperative society on Saturday,13th August 2022 for individuals who had successfully completed a 3 months entrepreneurship course in the institution. The ceremony was coordinated by the Chief Host, Chairman of Igbo speaking committee for Igando/ Ikotun lcda, Chief Dr. Okechukwu Uzuegbunam, attracted royals and title men in Alimosho as well as Lagos, who had come to acknowledge and present awarded certificates.

EDSEA Business school is a registered top notch institution,created solely for aspiring business entrepreneurs whom will upon admission , learn business administrative activities and skills for a 3 months period to acquire certifications in various fields.

Notable individuals were also awarded Doctorate degrees in various areas of specialisation. This individuals are: The Obi of Egan, HRH Udeze , Chief Barr. Eneh Ifeanyichukwu and two others present during the graduation ceremony.

The program kicked off with the taking of group photographs of graduants alongsides series of other activities which includes a march in, an opening prayer, the school anthem, introduction of guest and royals, presentation of certificates and speeches from the organisers.

Speaking with the press, The Chairman of the Igbo speaking committee of Ikotun/Igando lcda , Chief Dr. Amb. Okechukwu Uzuegbunam who happens to double as the Chief host and a graduate from EDSEA from years back noted that the students have been trained optimally in business administration. This will enable them get a better insight as to venture into businesses and succeed excellently due to the formal education acquired. He also noted that over a 100 students periodically qualified for the courses undertaken had graduated from EDSEA with professional diploma certificates in entrepreneurship and business management which will opportune for a head start in life. He further noted that he has been partnering and supporting EDSEA for years. And as such has extended the opportunity to people in the Ikotun/Igando lcda to also benefit from the knowledge acquired.

Dr. Okechukwu also told the press that The Igbo speaking community has also created the program held to inaugurate a multipurpose cooperative society which will be used as a business venture to attract the attention of banks to sponsor the projects at hand which is “The igbo speaking community estate” using the cooperative venture to partner with banks.

He mentioned that Fidelity Bank has been a standing partnership agreement with the society already and as such will open accounts for members under the cooperative to further foster more solid partnership for entrepreneurship benefits also for the sponsorship of projects. Individually the organisation cannot do it alone but needs Sponsors.

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These banks, Fudelity and UBA will open accounts for the people of the cooprative society and give loan facilities in due time to enable businesses and property acquisition while individuals pay per agreement, a way to promote growth and development amongst members, Dr. Okechukwu stated.

The press present had a media chat with some high profiled persons conferred with the Doctorate Degree by EDSEA and the first on the list is Barr. Eneh Ifeanyichukwu (phD), he expressed gratitude to the organisers of the event and Prof. Dr. Oguntoye the founder of EDSEA for giving him the opportunity to be conferred with the honorary degree as he promises to discharge his roles according as expected by EDSEA in alignment with his latest certification.


The Obi Of Egan, HRH Udeze, also expressed his profound gratitude to the Igbo speaking committee and EDSEA who had made it possible for him to be conferred a Doctorate honorary degree, he also mentioned that the cooperative society approach embedded in the package by Igbo Speaking committee is a way for the igbos to have a sense of responsibility as to become landlords and do yielding businesses. The Lolo, Navy Lieutenant Chetachi Emilia Udeze, Nnedioranma also told the press that the initiative imbibed by the Igbo Speaking community is a very thoughtful one to aid igbos towards being landlords and property owners as well as business progressors. She appreciated Eze Lawrence and Chief. Dr for the sponsorship of the program thereby creating productive youths in the society. She also appreciated her husband’s resilience to work which had thus spurned him towards being an achiever while she advises all the graduants to utilise the opportunity given judiciously.

Comrade Anagboso Gilbert Okwudiri, CEO Anakpu TV.

Some of the graduants who holds key roles during their time in the institution, Onwukwe Charles Obinna ( Students Admin),  Comrade Anagboso Gilbert Okwudiri, CEO Anakpu TV, Igwe Kingsley ( Class governor) Mrs Nnenna Kate Ajogo expressed gratitude to EDSEA and The Igbo speaking community for giving a rare opportunity to have diploma certifications in business management without much ado.They mentioned that the learning and certification will indulge creativity while aspiring positions in the business world.

More photos from the ceremony:

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