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It is despicable and contemptible to note that Gov. Wike political leadership is conceive as a perfect model of a detestable political system; as a paradigm of what not to be!

When I think of leaders like Gov. Wike with so much melancholy, a hapless man in a very rich state subjected to self-destruction; a desperate and irresponsible leader, who have only rascality, megalomania and misrepresenting the party to offer the vulnerable, cowardly, sycophants, but expectant people at the other side of the divide.

While a leader like Wike is denoting cupidity and asininity of different proportion, PDP faithfuls are maintaining their position of hollowness, either as ill-fated people indignant and grin like a Cheshire cat, or as hypocrites who sing-praise of their tormentors to fame, in expectation of crumbs that may fall from the table of affluence for their pick. How can a self acclaimed leader tried to ridicule the same people he seeks their support for presidential ambition, without any organized reaction of resentment? Nyesom Wike indeed, is a traumatized noisemaker.

As it is today under Godwin Obaseki/Philip Shaibu governance in Edo State, No party leader anywhere in Nigeria can successfully coerced Edo citizenry into total submission to despotic party leadership without the complicity of those with the instruments of the state. Sadly, in Rivers political waves, the vitality of her citizenry can only be stereotyped as “weak people” who can only be utilized in fratricidal activities by the avaricious political godfathers, Nyesom Wike. To the plutocrat is only trying to recycle Rivers governance within his cronies.

The most visible political engagement left for the Rivers citizens is racketeering and social media praise-hood. Since they have failed to recognize that Nyesom Wike is elected to serve the people, not to lord over other state governance and leadership. We can no longer lie under the trodden feet of Gov. Wike acclaimed leadership.

Sometimes, I gets very enraged thinking of how Nyesom Wike became the governor of Rivers. In all of these, the young people with the vitality of rhetoric and physical strength will still be applauding this noisemaker. A pathetic relationship that blinds the people with active sight into a dungeon. I blamed Rt. Hon Rotimi Amaechi for this misplaced priority.

If PDP must reclaimed Aso Rock in 2023, then Gov. Wike must be avoided. How can a leader with reckless Vituperation make any significant progress in rebuilding a party that has lost her feet in the Villa? Those who decided for PDP to be haters of new comers and lovers of trivialities should be aware that leadership is about paying more attention to details than talking. This is why PDP wrinkles like the leaders greying minds and limbs. It is a pathetic reality about the party at the moment

The unruliness with Gov. Wike style of leadership has influenced every sane party man and woman in PDP to look at the other side for progressiveness. This is why violence and unhealthy rascality is witnessed in the party in the recent times, a wind of depravity that is overwhelming in Rivers, Ebonyi, Cross River, Anambra and now Osun State. This is because Gov. Wike leadership privilege media dogs and hooliganism in the fora of modesty. It is a dismal situation.

May God Help Gov. Wike!

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