Happened in Minna: A woman Angrily Disrupt Husband’s Wedding Ceremony To his 2nd Wife (VIDEO)

Tuesday, March 08, 2022

By Onome Naomi

A wedding ceremony in Minna, Niger state was disrupted as a fight broke out between a woman and her husband’s new wife.

It was reported that a married woman pulled a stunt at the ceremony which was for her husband and his second wife In a show of “I am the rightful owner”.

The first wife had attempted to take a picture while she forcefully and calculatedly seated on the man’s laps during his ceremony to a second wife which led to a birthed chaos. The wedding ceremony was turned into a free-for-all fight after the groom’s first wife pulled this stunt at the occasion.

According to @northern_hibscuss who shared the development on Instagram, the incident happened in Minna, Niger state. The first wife scattered the wedding ceremony.

@northern_hibiscuss on Instagram narrated that the occasion was for a man and his second wife. It happened that the first wife had attempted to demonstrate ownership of the groom by taking a picture while seated on his lap. Angered by her action, the groom – her husband – reportedly pushed her away.

Due to the effect from the fall of the push, the first wife hit the new bride and this infuriated the second wife’s relatives. They were said to have pounced on the first wife in retaliation.


Security personnels on ground tried to calm the wild lady but it was all to no avail. Guests scampered for safety as the irate woman kept screaming at the top of her voice. The groom and his bride surprisingly disappeared from the venue.

Watch video below:

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