Russia-Ukraine war: Not Every Nigerian Affected By The Ongoing War Wishes To Return

By Onome Naomi

Some Nigerians in war-torn Ukraine have rejected the Federal Government’s offer to evacuate them, insisting that it was more dangerous to return home.

As of Saturday morning, nearly a thousand Nigerians who fled Ukraine to either Poland or other neighbouring countries, have been evacuated.

However, not every Nigerian affected by the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine wishes to return to the West African country.
Some Nigerians who spoke with Channels TV said they would prefer to find alternatives in Europe rather than returning to the country.
Lukman Ibrahim, a student, who fled Ukraine into Poland, said, “I will seek for student permit and continue my life from here. Because home is not safe, everybody knows this.
“You now expect me to come home and face the same thing when I just survived a war? I will never do that.”

Also speaking, one Emeka Nnamdi, who is still in Sumy, Ukraine, said “I am currently doing my Masters here.
“I finished my six years of medical school here. And I am doing a speciality course, which will take me three years.
“But if I’m doing a speciality course in Nigeria, it will take me more than five years, if not seven years. So why should I come home?”
“As the war has broken out, we are supposed to run to our country for safety. But I’ll rather stay here,” Ibrahim added.
“We are all here risking our lives, but going back to our country is riskier.”


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