Russia-Ukraine War: -Nigerian Embassy in Ukraine Tells Nigerians To Remain Calm And Be responsible For Own Safety.

By Onome Naomi 

The Nigerian embassy in Ukraine has asked Nigerians residing in Ukraine to remain calm and be responsible for their personal security and safety.

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, had announced a special military operation in Ukraine’s Donbas region.

Shortly after Putin’s announcement, explosions were reportedly heard in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Kramatorsk and in other parts of Ukraine

Earlier, the Russian president had ordered troops into separatist-held parts of eastern Ukraine in what he called a “peacekeeping” mission after signing decrees recognizing the independence of the Moscow-backed regions.

The development has caused apprehension among Nigerians who are currently residing in Ukraine, especially students.

Reacting to the development, the Nigerian embassy in Kiev, in a statement on Thursday, asked Nigerian nationals who want to temporarily relocate from Ukraine to ensure they validate their resident documents for ease of return.

The embassy added that it remains open for consular duties for Nigerians who decide to stay in Ukraine during the crisis.

The Nigerian Embassy in Ukraine has asked Nigerian citizens residing in the East European country to remain calm and take responsibility for their personal security and safety. In a statement released today February 24, by the embassy, it states;

“The Embassy urges Nigerian nationals resident in Ukraine to remain calm but be very vigilant and be responsible for their personal security and safety.

The Embassy wishes to add that should any of Nigerian nationals considers the situation as emotionally disturbing, such nationals may wish to temporary relocate to anywhere considered safe by private arrangements. They should, however, ensure that they do all the needful to validate all their resident documents for ease of return to the country when desired.

In addition, in case of students seeking such temporary relocation, they are enjoined to seek proper clearance and guarantee from their respective institutions, authorities/agents on the way forward in respect to their studies during this period and/or thereafter.

For those who still consider it appropriate to remain in the country, be assured that the embassy remains open for its consular duties and responsibilities at all times. It will always avail you of updates when necessary.” it reads….



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