Breaking!!! Jelili Shina Okanlomo, a Popularly known Land Grabber in Lagos and His Men Fights, Stabs and Dispossess  Real Owners of their lands, Vandalises their Properties in Ijeododo Town Ijegun.

By Efe Wilfred

The owners of Lands and properties in Owonikoko Ijeododo  is crying out to the government for a swift intervention in the Encroachment of their lands and buildings taken  forcefully by one  Shina Jelili Okanlomo and His fierce looking men who will stop at nothing to injure, kill or harrass anyone seen on the Owonikoko Ijeododo land.

The real owners of the properties told the press that this is a battle that had been going on for too long as all effort to make Okanlomo leave their properties in peace had all been to no avail. Shina inturn claims that beyond the canal is still Abule Ado Land against the land mark mapped out by the Lagos state government, the reason for the confrontation that had turned bloody.

These Land owners further mentioned that the authorities is aware of this tussle as they have submitted petitions to this effect to the Police State Command,  Zone 2,  Alagbon and Force Headquarters. An agreement and conclusion to the matter had been reached as they have inturn sent a letter across to the Lagos State Government, expecting responses to ascertain the next line of action to be taken against the act perpetrated by Shina, the land grabber.

The Lagos State Government intrusion had the matter settled by stating  that the canal between Abule Ado Land and Owonikoko Ijeododo Land had been set as a boundary to divide both communities and as such there should not be any form of  trespass.

Lagos state govt set the boundaries between  the two communities which had a vast land space for buyers to purchase. Shina okanlomo disobeyed this order, went ahead to cross the boundary, forcefully grab over 200 plots of the Owonikoko  Ijeododo land as well as some 5 plots of land belonging to Cp. Akeem Busari (Rtd) and vandalised properties of people who already had structures erected on their lands.

Speaking with the Baale of Ijeododo who sold the land in dispute,  expressed his displeasure  in the grabbers attitude, he noted that he had personally taken some drastic measures on the matter. He also stated that the office of the Inspector General of Police is aware as well as the  state govt , he is also  in full support of the measures to be taken against the land grabbers emphasising that the culprits involved should be charged to court..

Photos of the structures destroyed and the Encroachment by Shina  Jelili Okanlomo and His Men.

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