During his acting career, actor Majid Michel revealed that he experimented with drugs and got into street fights.

In an interview with Joy FM, the Ghanaian actor, who recently became an evangelist, revealed this.

Majid admitted to abusing narcotics before becoming born-again.

“I used to go out and drink, we used to go out and booze, we used to go out and smoke, and we used to get into fights on the streets.” So, I experimented with drugs, and we tried something to see how it went.

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“At Members next to Glenz at Osu, we get into fights,” he said.

The evangelist cautioned youths to be wary of the people they associate with because they may negatively influence them.

He, on the other hand, stated that, while he now knows God, he has never enjoyed going to church.

“Friends are extremely important. Choose them carefully because the people you associate with have an impact on how your life turns out.

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“Any young guy out there listening to me, be careful who you associate with because it will have a serious impact on your future.”

“Going to church has never been a pleasurable experience for me.” “I don’t go to church because getting out of bed in the morning is a chore for me,” the actor explained.

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