The leadership of the All Progressives Congress in Osun State has asked the National Reconciliation Committee to disregard anything in the petitions sent to it by the party’s dissenting members, known as “The Osun Progressives, TOP.”

On Sunday, the party claimed that members of the group – The Osun Progressives, TOP – are already meeting with opposition members.

Governor Oyetola’s factional chairman in Osun, Rasaq Salinsile, had demanded that he resign from the National Caretaker and Extraordinary National Convention Planning Committees after declaring his intention to run for a second term as State Governor.

The group also demanded that the ward, local, and state congresses it held be validated, as well as the party executives who were elected.

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The APC, on the other hand, described TOP’s prayer as self-serving, misleading, and baseless, and urged the Committee to dismiss it in its entirety, claiming that it was intended to smear the party’s corporate image in the state.

This was revealed during a meeting of the Committee with the party’s stakeholders at Government House in Osogbo.

In response to some of the issues raised by the factional group before the Reconciliation Committee, Sunday Akere, Secretary of the State Congress Committee, said the allegation of party leaders being alienated was false and far from the truth.

According to Akere, the TOP has formed itself to be more vicious than the opposition.

“They have no respect for the Governor or the party’s leadership, which is led by Prince Gboyega Famodun.” The way they disparage the Governor’s programs and accomplishments indicates that some of them have made up their minds to leave the party if they do not get what they want.

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“They’ve already met with the opposition, and a faction of that opposition in the State has taken on the responsibility of protecting and defending them as a matter of life and death.”

“The TOP members have no right to dwell on issues that do not concern them,” he said, referring to the TOP members’ demand for Mr. Governor’s resignation from the APC National Caretaker Committee.

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