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They sent gunmen to pursue me – Mummy G.O

They sent gunmen to pursue me – Mummy G.O

Evangelist Funmilayo Adebayo, also known as Mummy G.O, the founder of the Rapture Proclaimer Evangelical Church of God, has stated that those behind the trending hellfire memes are simply following trends.

She claims that there is too much stress in Nigeria, so people just follow the latest trends to laugh.

“90% of those making memes don’t know me,” Mummy GO said in an interview with BBC Pidgin. They’re simply flexing their muscles on social media to keep up with the trend. They have no idea why the trend is happening. Because there is so much stress in Nigeria, people are easily swayed by anything that makes them laugh. They have no idea that those who started the trend did so with the intention of causing a scandal. Some people didn’t even realize I existed; they assumed it was all a joke. They are not my adversaries; they do not despise me, and I do not despise them.”

She also revealed that she has received threats from people who claim that her messages are driving their members away from their churches and toward hers.

“They’ve been at it for about eight years,” she claims, “and have only recently decided to use social media to disgrace her.”

“The people who started the trend have been working on it for more than eight years. They make use of magazines on occasion. They sent gunmen after me when that didn’t work.”

“They say that many of our members have heard your message and have left our church.” We’ll kill you if you don’t stop.

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“I thought it was just a threat until we started seeing gunmen chasing us down the street, coming to our church to threaten us, and so on,” she continued.


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