Mr. Peter Obi, vice presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party in the 2019 election, has stated that in order for Nigeria to move forward in 2022, the country must place a high priority on security.

He believes that this will encourage more investment in the country, and he emphasizes that without security, people will be unable to think of other worthwhile endeavors.

Obi stated this while fielding questions from journalists at the Sam Mbakwe International Airport in Owerri, the capital of the state of Imo, on Monday afternoon.

“Security of lives and property must be a top priority for the country if it is to move forward,” he stated.

In the presence of security, investments will pour into the country, and citizens will have the confidence to put their money into the country as well.

“Until the people are safe, they will be unable to think of other worthwhile activities to engage in.”

With the 2023 general elections approaching quickly, the former governor of Anambra State has advised Nigerians to vote for leaders who are of good character and moral character.

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It is “I am talking about leaders who have verifiable antecedents as well as character and disposition that is without question,” he stated.

The governor of Kaduna State, Nasir Elrufai, spoke about the need to restore security and ensure that competent officials were elected during an interview on Arise TV, and Obi expressed his agreement with the governor.

El-Rufai was honest in admitting that if security had been guaranteed, Kaduna State would have fared better than it is currently doing, according to the governor of the state.

“He also mentioned that Nigeria is at a critical juncture and that good leadership is required to save the country.”

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