Both the PDP and the APC in Kaduna State are feuding over how well the administration of Governor Nasir El-Rufai has done in the state.

There are reports that the PDP Chairman, Felix Hassan Hyat, called the APC government in Kaduna the worst in his New Year’s message. He said the opposition party was now going to hold the government accountable and bring sanity back to the state.

Hyat told Nigerians to think about the “horrible things” that have happened to a lot of people in the last year. He also told them not to forget that hundreds of communities have been destroyed and that a lot of people have been injured.

In what he called “bastardization of traditional and religious institutions,” he criticized the arbitrary dismissal of civil servants without pay, the destruction of markets, and the systematic takeover of private land in the state’s cities.

However, the APC said that the people of Kaduna will not let “nonentities” hold them back, and that running Kaduna was not a big comedy.

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The party said in a statement by its Publicity Secretary, Salisu Tanko Wusono, that since 2015, the APC has put Kaduna State on a path to long-term progress and development. El-Rufai has shown that good governance is possible in the state through policy, legislative changes, and visible projects.

During a speech about the APC-led government, the ruling party said that the people of Kaduna will not vote for “a party that for 16 years was not able to either inspire progress and development or deliver good governance.”

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