Ezza Ezekuna youths have endorsed Chief Christian Usulor, the member representing Ezza South State Constituency in the Ebonyi State House of Assembly, for governor in 2023.

The Ezza Ezekunna clan is one of the most powerful in the state’s Abakaliki bloc.

In a communique issued at the end of their meeting, the youths under the auspices of Ezza Youth Alliance, the umbrella body for all Ezza youth groups, announced their support.

Onueke, the traditional headquarters of the Ezza clan and the council headquarters of the Ezza South Local Government Area, hosted the event.

Comrade Ikechukwu Dorstan Aliugbala and Mr Obaji Sampson, the youth group’s Chairman and Secretary, signed the communiqué.

They stated that the legislator has the ability and capacity to become the state’s fourth civilian governor.

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“That we, having reviewed the current political situation in the estate today, boldly declare that Hon Christian Usulor possesses all the qualities required to lead the state as the state’s fourth civilian governor,” they said.

“Usulor comes from a tried, trusted, and highly revered Usulor political dynasty, having learned the art of politics from his Father, late Senator Usulor, late patriarch of the Usulor political dynasty.”

“Today’s world is moving toward a youth-led government, as many countries around the world, including Canada, have demonstrated.

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