The US Consulate General in Lagos has announced that it will award civic organizations N423.3 million ($1.02 million) in 2021 to carry out projects in 17 Nigerian states.

The funded projects, according to the consulate, supported underserved communities, promoted respect for human rights and government transparency, empowered women and youth, and assisted teachers in STEM education training.

Other projects included entrepreneurship, media literacy, combating misinformation, and building a strong alumni network, according to the statement.

In a statement, US Consulate Public Affairs Officer Stephen Ibelli said, “We are proud to work with such an enormously energetic and creative community of alumni-led organisations and individuals committed to strengthening communities and empowering fellow Nigerians.”

In southern Nigeria, he said, seven new American Spaces have opened, including a flagship American Corner in Ikeja.

The consulate also stated that the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs had trained 250 women and provided them with skills to help them grow their businesses and contribute to the growth of small and medium-sized businesses.

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It said it supported the delivery of 250 dairy cows to Ekiti State to boost milk production, as well as the introduction of biotech cowpea to boost farmer yields and improve food security.

The New Consulate Compound at Eko Atlantic City, according to the consulate, will open in 2022.

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