Auxillia Banda, a woman from Madziwa, Zimbabwe, is said to have committed suicide after her husband stole her money.
According to reports, Banda committed suicide after learning that her husband, Norman, had used her stolen money to marry another woman.

Prior to her death, the deceased worked as a mathematics teacher in Madziwa, Zimbabwe.

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Auxillia left four female children in Form 2, Grade 7, Grade 4, and a two-year-old behind.

Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, a spokesman for the National Police Service, confirmed the news.

He also stated that the case is still being investigated.

“Yes, we have reports of a lady from Madziwa who committed suicide after her husband, a police officer, took her money and married another woman,” Nyathi said.

In other news, a woman identified as Maryam Shetty detailed how a wedding was called off after the prospective bride’s family claimed that the groom’s home did not meet their daughter’s standards in a Facebook post.

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The bride’s family, according to Shetty, called off the wedding because they didn’t want their daughter to suffer.

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