Afghan women have demanded that their rights be respected, accusing Taliban authorities of assassinating soldiers serving in the former US-backed government.

About 30 women gathered near a mosque in Kabul’s downtown area and marched for a few hundred meters, chanting “justice, justice,” before being stopped by Taliban forces.

The Taliban also attempted to prevent journalists from covering the march, which was organized to protest the mysterious deaths of young people, particularly former soldiers.

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Taliban fighters detained a group of journalists for a short time and confiscated their equipment, deleting images from their cameras before returning them.

“I want the world to know that the Taliban must stop killing.”

“We want freedom, justice, and human rights,” said Nayera Koahistani, a protester.

The demonstrators demanded that the Taliban put an end to its criminal machine in a statement read aloud by protester Laila Basam.

Former soldiers and employees of the overthrown government are under direct threat, according to the statement, which contradicts the Taliban’s August announcement of a general amnesty.

“Women’s rights are human rights,” says the author. “We must fight for our rights,” Koahistani said.

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In recent months, Taliban leaders have attempted to project a more moderate image, stating that women and girls will be allowed to attend school and work in accordance with Islamic law.

Girls’ education is sporadic under the Taliban, and they are not allowed to attend school after sixth grade in many provinces, but schools are open in more than ten provinces.

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