Ogun State Governor, Dapo Abiodun, has expressed regret over the state’s loss of the $16 billion Dangote refinery to Lagos, and stated that his administration is trying to ensure that the state takes advantage of its oil-rich deposit and becomes an oil-producing state.

This was expressed by Abiodun at his convocation talk at Mountain Top University (MTU), Prayer City, Magboro, Ogun State, at the second and third convocation ceremonies.

After a gap in talks between the immediate past administration and Dangote, Ogun lost a $16 billion Dangote refinery to Lagos, according to the governor.

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“We are working tirelessly on that,” he said, expressing optimism that the state would become oil-producing. As a result, I embrace the task. We shall redouble our efforts to guarantee that Ogun State becomes an oil-producing state in the near future.”

Abiodun, who also mentioned that he had the honor of serving as Chairman of the Olokola Free Trade Zone, which was supposed to house the refinery cited in the state, went on to say that the project was not only conceived with the goal of refining petroleum products, but also to take advantage of the mining lease that had been granted along the corridor.

“I was the chairman of the Olokola Free Trade Zone, which was supposed to be the site of the Dangote Refinery in Ogun Waterside. However, talks between Dangote and the then-administration broke down, and the project was handed over to Lagos State.

“That project was designed with the goal of not only refining petroleum in Ogun, but also taking advantage of the mining lease that had been issued surrounding that corridor, which has yet to be exploited,” he explained.

“Ogun State is situated in the Dahomey Basin, which stands for the Niger Delta that runs all the way to Ghana,” the governor said, adding that the state had very large oil deposits in Tongeji Island.

“Today, every state in that corridor is producing oil, including Ondo and Lagos,” Abiodun claimed.

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