Abubakar Sani Bello, the governor of Niger State, has praised the security agents’ efforts in the ongoing fight against banditry.

The Governor made the remarks while congratulating Christians in the state on the joyous occasion of Christmas in 2021.

The Governor urged security agents not to give up, but to keep working harder to achieve their goal.

The governor also urged residents of the state to assist security agencies by providing credible intelligence/information on bandit and other criminal activities in their communities, in order to put an end to this blight on society.

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“I understand that providing security for all residents of the state remains my responsibility; it has been critical to this administration since its inception, and I will continue to do so,” said Gov. Sani Bello.

“I cannot, in good conscience, shirk the cardinal responsibility of ensuring the safety of lives and property.” Our people need to be able to live and move around freely. This is critical not only for instilling a sense of calm and social cohesion but also for the economy to grow and raise citizens’ living standards,” he said.

The Governor, who also reaffirmed his administration’s unwavering commitment to restoring peace, security, and prosperity to the state, urged all Niger State residents to seize the hope that comes with the holiday season.

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The Governor, on the other hand, stated that the state government will continue to provide security agencies with the necessary resources to help them stem the tide of insecurity in the state.

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