Pastor David Ibiyeomie, the founder of Salvation Ministry, has urged worshipers in his church not to be slackers when it comes to paying their tithes during the festive season.

The popular Christian clergy explained that paying tithes guarantees life protection during a sermon at the church’s headquarters in Port Harcourt.

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Pastor Ibiyeomie urged members to stop making excuses for not paying tithes and other yuletide expenses.

“The first thing tithing does is to preserve your life, not your money,” he explained. “Let us look at who the devourer is from God’s Word – 1st Peter 5:8.” The Devil is the Devourer, so tithing is the first step in preventing Satan from attacking your life.

“Please don’t tamper with your tithe this holiday season and beyond.” Many people tamper with their tithe at this time; they will say things like, “I need to buy headgear,” “I need to travel,” “I need to buy shoes,” “I need to buy my suit,” and so on; they will go on to say things like, “As I was driving, the motor caught fire,” “My Child is in the hospital,” and so on; then they will say, “With all the prayers of protection.”

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“With all the money I stole from God, the real question to ask yourself is what will I do with it?”

“So, please pay your tithe so that God does not appear to be a magician.” Please pay your tithe, all of the money that comes to you.”

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