The Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA, has shut down a Globacom telecommunications service tower in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, due to an outstanding debt of 4.7 billion Naira.

The tower has been turned off, according to NCAA Director General Captain Musa Nuhu.

Since 2007, all other telecommunications service providers, except Globacom Limited Company, have been paying, according to Captain Nuhu. He did, however, acknowledge that the company had paid only 500 million naira out of the total of 5.2 billion naira.

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“My Agency is under tremendous pressure from the Nigerian Government, and Globacom Limited is supposed to be paying tax to the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, and we have contacted and negotiated with them severely, but they have ignored us until recently when they paid 500 million, and the Government has mandated all federal agencies to recover all debts both at the executive and legislative levels,” he said.

“Globacom Limited is refusing to cooperate, and we have the authority to shut down their facilities. We’re starting by turning off a few of their towers until they pay, and if they don’t, we’ll use our full power under the Civil Aviation Act.”

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“The NCAA ensures the safety of the airspace by determining the location of each telecommunications service tower in accordance with the location of each telecommunications service tower so that we can have flight safety, and the process entails payment of some fees by any telecommunications service providers.”

Globacom telecommunications limited’s management has yet to respond to the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority’s action against them.

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