On Friday, officials from Tin Can Island Command’s Nigeria Customs Service intercepted a 1x40ft container carrying arms. It was discovered…

On Friday, officials from Tin Can Island Command’s Nigeria Customs Service intercepted a 1x40ft container carrying arms.

It was discovered that the container’s owner had declared the contents to be plasma televisions.
It was also revealed that customs officers at the command discovered cartons of guns inside.

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According to one source, the consignment was sublet to a clearing agent by another, raising the possibility that the clearing agent is aware of the contents.
Mr Uche Ejesieme, the Tin Can Customs’ Public Relations Officer, confirmed the news, saying the container of guns was discovered during a routine inspection at the TICT’s terminal B2 (Vehicle).

“The officers intercepted a container loaded with weapons, but as we speak, we have written to the terminal to evacuate the container immediately to the enforcement unit for a thorough examination so that we can determine the quantity and other pertinent information.”

“At this time, we expect the terminal to evacuate the container to the enforcement unit, where we intend to strip it, and the quantity, names of people involved, and other additional information will be available,” he said.

He went on to say that the command would inform the Customs high command in Abuja after the container had been thoroughly examined at the command’s enforcement unit, as per service protocol.

“As a result, we haven’t made an official statement about the seizure.”

“At this time, we don’t have complete information about who is behind the import, the country of origin, or the model of guns.”

“At the conclusion of the investigations, all of these will be made public,” he added.

The customs, on the other hand, vowed to track down the source of the problem and apprehend those involved.

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“Most of the time, the suspect you see is those freight forwarders and agents coming in for questioning,” he assured. “However, we are more interested in getting to the importer and everyone involved in that criminal importation to put a stop to it.”

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