Mr. Bolaji Rosiji, the former president of the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN), has died. On Sunday, he passed away.

His death was announced by his company, Gaurapad Charities, in a press release. Rosiji died following a brief illness, according to a statement written by the company’s Public Relations Officer, Olayemi Esan.

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Rosiji was well-known in the music industry, and his presidency of the PMAN in the mid-2000s only added to his popularity, despite a challenge from a Juju musician, Dele Abiodun. Nonetheless, Rosiji was supported by the majority of contemporary musicians at the time.

He was the son of the late benefactor Chief Ayo Rosiji, who was also a supporter of the arts, especially the Nigerian Musical Society (MUSON). Nigeria Distilleries Limited, one of Nigeria’s thriving indigenous distilleries, was also owned by his father.

Rosiji’s younger brother, like his father, was generous and friendly, which explains why so many musicians supported him throughout his tumultuous presidency of the PMAN. As a result, it’s no surprise that he founded Gaurapad Charities in 2004.

a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing society’s complete well-being through innovative and highly effective healthcare goods In 2017, the Foundation launched the ‘Sack your Landlord’ home ownership program. The goal of the effort was to help Nigerians, particularly those at the grassroots, achieve financial stability.

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Rosiji was rumored to have an excellent relationship with the Indian population, holding cultural festivals that recognized the cultural similarities between the Asian country and Nigeria on occasion. He was a Hare Krishna devotee, but he was claimed to have turned against the faith, which is based on Hindu texts. His residence in Apapa, Lagos’ Badagry Road, was adorned with paintings of Indian gods.

His wife and children survive the previous Secretary-General of the Nigeria Network of NGOs (NNNGO). He was 56 years old at the time.

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