On Tuesday, a Federal High Court in Abuja declared the deposed Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, free after a Federal High Court in Abuja declared his banishment from Kano to Awe in Nasarawa State a violation of fundamental human rights.

Mr Sanusi was already dethroned on March 9, 2020, for insubordination. He did not contest his dethronement, but he did ask the court for a temporary injunction allowing him to be released from “unlawful detention/confinement” at a private house until March 13.

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Sanusi’s forced removal from the palace, according to Justice Anwuli Chikere, was a heinous breach of his rights, particularly his personal liberty and freedom of movement.

Sanusi, a Nigerian citizen who had not committed any type of offense, was entitled to reside in any area of the country, according to the Emirate Council Law 2019, which governs and acts on the Kano State. Because the law is absolute, any law that deviates from the scribe is declared null and void.

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Some contended that the Federal High Court in Abuja lacked jurisdiction because Sanusi’s alleged breach occurred in Kano, not Abuja. The court, however, dismissed the argument on Tuesday.

Apart from granting Mr Sanusi his freedom, the judge also ordered the Kano State Government, the Inspector General of Police, and the Department of State Services to issue a public apology.

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